Updated: Zynga’s Dream Heights originally called “TowerVille,” name changed to possibly avoid a lawsuit

Posted on May 17 2012 - 12:00pm by Mike Wewerka

Updated: We just received an “anonymous” tip that Zynga not only copied the look and feel of the Tiny Tower and also previously named it TowerVille, but within the game itself, Zynga called the citizens, “Zitizens,” which is once again, eerily similar to NimbleBit’s “Bitizens.” Zynga can try to deny the fact that they blatantly copied NimbleBit’s game, but the evidence against them is piling up quickly.

We still haven’t heard anything from Zynga.

—–Original Story—–

Some of you may remember, back in February, Zynga had gotten into some “hot water” with Tiny Tower’s creator NimbleBits, over the game Dream Heights. NimbleBits claimed that Zynga blatantly copied their game Tiny Tower’s, design and formula for their game Dream Heights. Zynga refuted the claim, saying that games like this existed for a while, citing SimTower as an example.

The other day, I noticed my phone acting funny, so I decided to dig deep to see what was causing the issue and low and behold, I found a Low Memory report. Skimming through it, I came to line 17, which lists my largest process, which my system labeled as “TowerVille.” I don’t have any such program on my phone, but I do (or did) have Dream Heights. I thought for a second, that makes perfect sense, Zynga, who makes Dream Heights, has games like FrontierVille, FarmVille, CityVille and so on, but why did my report say TowerVille and not Dream Heights? Perhaps Zynga knew that their game really was  just a”clone” of Tiny Tower and decided at the last minute to market the game as Dream Heights and avoid using the word “Tower” to prevent any legal action. When a company rips off someone’s game and then uses the same word to describe it, they wouldn’t be exactly be hiding it.

Below, you can see the error report for yourselves, I’ve reached out to Zynga to see if this was indeed the case, but I fully expect to either get a “no comment” or no response at all. If I receive any time of response, I’ll be sure to update this post.

techhog towerville Updated: Zyngas Dream Heights originally called TowerVille, name changed to possibly avoid a lawsuit