WSJ: More Senior Executives out at Research in Motion

Posted on Apr 5 2012 - 10:42pm by Mike Wewerka

Just when you think things for Research in Motion couldn’t get any worse, especially after their dismal conference call where they reported a terrible quarter and lost their CTO, COO and former co-CEO/board member Jim Balsallie, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that they have lost even more senior executives.

The WSJ wasn’t able to confirm whether the executives were fired or if they quit on their own. Either way, when you have this many holes in your executive team, it’s not a good sign. New CEO Thorsten Heins is either in a clearing house mood, or he’s not leading the company in a way that employees are losing faith in the company’s direction.

In any event, the mood at RIM’s headquarter must be quite sober, any time a company suffers a mass exodus, employees get nervous, as they too may be on the chopping block.

Source: WSJ