Windows Phones Down 38% and Nokia and Mango may not help

Posted on Aug 8 2011 - 10:36am by Mike Wewerka

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 marketshare is falling faster than Rosie O’Donnell down a flight of steps. The struggling OS, that some analysts claimed would overtake Apple’s iOS, is falling at alarming rates. According to comScore over the 3 months that ended in June, Microsoft’s mobile marketshare was down to 5.8% and considering they don’t have much to start with, that’s not good. Prior to that 3 month update, WP7 was down to 7.5% from the three months that ended in March and from its first report it was down at 8% which ended in January.

For those of you keeping count, starting from its release, Microsoft’s attempt at reinvigorating its mobile OS division with Windows Phone 7, is down by a total of 38% (8% to 5.8%). At this rate, the Windows Phone 7 update, Mango, and its partnership with Nokia, may be to little to late.

The real question is how long will companies like Samsung, HTC, LG and more, continue to support WP7? When they are losing 5% market share over the past 6 months, that will leave them at about 4% by the end of the year. OEM manufacturers are going to have to question, if the cost to manufacturer WP7 devices is worth it. Even developers are going to have to weigh in on money spent and money earned, from apps they make for the Window Phone 7 store. Things are so bad that Microsoft is actually willing to “foot the bill” to have developers convert apps from other mobile OS’s to WP7.

Even with Mango’s “500″ new features, will users care? With Android now owning over 40% of the overall smartphone marketshare and Apple continue to rise, Window’s is falling along with RIM. You’d think if RIM was falling Microsoft could scoop up some of their customers and at least gain some, even a little. But that is not the case, as things now look like a two horse race between Apple and Android.

In the end, I feel bad for Nokia. If Microsoft loses on WP7 they can always go back to the drawing board and try again or wait it out. But Nokia has given up on their own software development and is betting the farm (so to speak) on the success of Windows Phone 7. If I were part of Nokia’s Board of Directors, I’d be a little worried and ticked off at CEO Stephen Elop. Who’s apparent ties with Microsoft may be the companies undoing.

Perhaps it would have been better for Nokia to make Android and Windows Phone 7 devices like Samsung and HTC, so that if one flounders, you can always rely on the other. Nokia makes great hardware, but unfortunately their allegiance to Windows Phone 7 may just bring down the house.

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft and Nokia (and other phone manufactures) NEED to put the time, effort and money into it.  It may seem ugly right now, but if they do put stuff in and just work, about in a year or two the work should start to reward.

    What really need to happen is to put more effort into apps.  Last I checked, it has 25,000 which is good, but it needs to go up.

    By the time window 8 comes out, I think we will see Windows Phone truly shine. In Windows 8, its a safe bet that Microsoft will make things a lot more cross platform and such.

    What I would like to see is the hardware buttons go to software buttons.  If Android is going down that route (which is a safe bet) Phone manufactures would (really) only need to make/design one phone and then but Android or Windows onto it.  Win-win situation for the manufactures, since they would only need to design one phone to run two different OSes than two phones to run one of the OSes.

    windows phone WILL be successful if they put the effort, time and money into it. continue doing software updates quite regularly and start pushing hardware and advertise, advertise, advertise.  One thing is, let people know that windows phone exists and what they are capable of. 

    But if they don’t put the effort, time and money into it, well it will fail.Personally? In the long run, I see it more successful than iOS out there. Don’t know if it will be able to pass Android ever, but it will be able to pass iOS, especially with the help of Nokia.