Windows Phone Market surpasses 80,000 apps

Posted on Apr 4 2012 - 11:34am by Mike Wewerka

If you’re a Windows Phone user or have at least messed around with one, you’d know the biggest problem is the lack of apps, commercially successfully ones at least. The Windows Phone Marketplace is filled with a lot of wallpaper and “sexual” apps, but when it comes to highly popular apps like Path, Instagram, Tweetbot or even the Angry Birds Space, they just aren’t there, at least yet.

Microsoft’s struggling OS continues to chug-a-long and has just passes another milestone, the Marketplace has just surpassed 80,000 apps. This is great news for the Redmond company, as Nokia prepares to drop the Lumia 900 on AT&T this weekend and the HTC Titan II’s release quickly approaches as well.

While 80,000 apps isn’t close to either iOS or Android, both of which enjoy over 450,000+ apps, it is more than RIM’s BlackBerry App World , webOS and even Nokia’s Symbian OVI store. If things continue as they are now, the Windows Phone Marketplace should pass the BIG 100,000 apps mark sometime in May.

There is one snag though, Microsoft is betting Window’s Phone’s success on Nokia and the Lumia 900, hoping it makes a big splash when it lands in the States, as it will be Nokia’s new flagship device and a big statement for Microsoft’s mobile OS future. The problem is that early reviews, that came out last night, have been underwhelming to say the least. While folks are saying it’s a beautiful phone and Nokia did everything right, the Windows Phone OS is holding the phone back. Windows Phone has a few limitations that many see as downsides, like the fact it only supports single-core processors or that a display can only have a max resolution of 800×840, while competitors move to dual and quad core processors and have Retina or HD displays. The Nokia Lumia 900 can’t afford to fail, because if it does, developers will take note and will continue to avoid the Marketplace like the black plague.

Nokia took a big leap of faith when they decide to only use an unproven OS, but as someone who owns a Windows Phone, for an extra device, I can honestly say it’s fun and refreshing, but right now apps are my biggest complaint as well as some issues with navigation. I’d love to see Windows Phone succeed, but in order to do that, we need to see a phone that will sell enough to draw crowd and developers, we also need more apps….it’s a vicious circle.

Source: Forbes