Why Facebook Home won’t work with real life and real people (Sort of NSFW)

Posted on Apr 5 2013 - 2:21pm by Mike Wewerka
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Screen Shot 2013 04 05 at 2.16.25 PM 580x416 Why Facebook Home wont work with real life and real people (Sort of NSFW)

When Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook show off new ideas and concepts, generally, people get excited at the ideas. Yesterday, Zuckerberg and group introduced the new Android UI/App, Facebook Home. Which is aimed to reinvent how we use our phones, putting people before apps. This is good in theory, I do care about those important people in my life, but what about those people that I’m friends with just because we went to high school together 15 years ago? Do I really need their photos as my wallpaper and on my lockscreen? Better question is, do I “want” them on my screen.

Much like the new Newsfeed that Facebook introduced last month—which I have yet to receive—unless you have friends that are all beautiful professional photographers, chances are your Newsfeed is going to be filled with not better images, but bigger images. It will usually be full of your friend’s baby, their hamburger from last night, or worse of all, those horrible political MEME’s that never end. When Zuckerberg showed off the improved NewsFeed and especially with the new Facebook Home, all the pictures that were used were gorgeous outdoor photography and people that were generally very photogenic. Not, ugly people or their dogs who are licking themselves on the back of the couch and have been shot in low-light. Let’s face it, we all have those friends that post annoying images that we’d just like to ignore—if you don’t have those type of friends, sorry… but you’re that person—sure we can ignore them or delete them from our friends list. But every now and again, even our good friends post images and stuff that makes us take a double take, take this image below as an example.

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Before you get your panties in a bunch, that’s a tomato with a girl posing behind it. Now after you have a few seconds to let that sink in, imagine firing up your phone (which is running Facebook Home) at work to show your co-workers pictures you took over the weekend of a pretty stream and that image is your lock screen or wallpaper. Wouldn’t you feel a little embarrassed? What if that co-worker was your boss? You wouldn’t let that image just sit on your screen, you’d quickly pull it away, but the damage is done. Even as fake as it is, it still looks pretty damn incriminating. (*That was posted on my wall by my best friend, yeah he’s “character.”)

My point in all this is simple, while Facebook Home looks great, its concept is flawed. Facebook will surely use some algorithm to make certain images pop up over others. Most likely, images and posts that have more likes will generally show up before others, but what if images like that one get a lot of likes, after all, it’s funny and shocking, two things people LOVE on Facebook. I just get feeling that people will be impressed by what Facebook showed at their event and what their website promotes, but when it comes to real life and real people, users are going to realize that their friends are just annoying, unfunny and ugly.

Congratulations Facebook, Home may very well destroy friendships and relationships.