Video: BlackBerry Z10 with full working BlackBerry 10 OS posted online

Posted on Jan 15 2013 - 11:59am by Mike Wewerka
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We’ve already seen several leaks of RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 hardware, but as for the software, we’ve only been teased with what RIM wants to show us. But thanks to a German site, Telekom Presse, we’re not only given another look at the hardware, we’ve been given a full tour of BB10′s interface and apps. In the video below, we can see how smooth BB10 apparently run, and I’ll be honest—as someone who has little faith in RIM—the lock screen is not only cool, but it’s also innovative. Simply slide your finger from the bottom of the display up and watch the home screen appear as the lock screen dissolves. You can also pull down the while on the lock screen to put it into a clock mod.

When on the home screen, you can swipe to the right (bringing up the left most panel) which reveals your active apps, which can then be opened by taping on them, or you can scroll down and see other apps. I really like the ability to scroll left and right, then when you’re on a panel or home screen, you can scroll up and down (at least on the multitasking panel).

When navigating apps, I can’t help by see a lot of iOS’s simple tile influence, with just smaller icons and a waste space by having a larger box around them just for the app’s name. Overall though, the OS looks clean and very gesture heavy, which isn’t a bad thing. Question now is, will it have the apps to succeed? Because as Windows Phone 8 has showed us, a clean, refreshing and innovative OS doesn’t necessarily sell phones, otherwise, Microsoft’s effort wouldn’t be struggling.

Source: TheVerge