Verizon issues Android 2.3.4 update for HTC DROID Incredible 2

Posted on Sep 20 2011 - 3:57pm by Mike Wewerka
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Good news to you DROID Incredible 2 owners, you get some Android update love today. Verizon has pushed out the latest software update bringing your Incredible 2 up to version 2.3.4, once you receive and download the update (which is 32mb) you’ll simply be asked to reboot your phone, from there the phone will take over. The changes aren’t really that great, but will fix some minor issues for some people and give the device, which is already stellar, an overall better experience.

Update features:

  • Improved server connections for email synchronization and Mail application stability.
  • Increased stability of Visual Voice Mail application.
  • Ability to dial the “+1” prefix when roaming internationally in CDMA markets.
  • Option to set Data roaming for “all trips” or for “individual trips”.
  • Improvements in sending/receiving messages while roaming.

Thanks to the crew over at Android Central and their great forum members for the heads up!

Source: Android Central

  • R Saucier82

    Problem with that update, it can make your phone unable to receive texts and some notifications. My girlfriends incredible got it before mine and now she can’t get texts or voicemail notifications. Verizon wireless says they don’t know when they will get the update fix but that our only options are to place a claim through assurion and pay 99 dollars to potentially still have the problem, or to just buy a new phone at full retail.

    • Michael T. Blake

      Ouch, because these updates are finally authorized by Verizon, they are ultimately responsible. If you press hard enough and go through enough channels, you can win.

      Check out my story here:

      Forgive the double image, it was done before the site was redesigned. We’ve gotten that far back. In any case, the situation was real and I went as far up the chain as possible. I finally got them to give me a FREE Nexus S 4G. So don’t give up.