UPDATE: 2.3 on Evo before Christmas…?

Posted on Dec 8 2010 - 1:02am by Mike Wewerka

Once again, before I start I’m only posting this as rumor and not standing by this a truth. Since I posted that last article on the 2.3 update for the EVO I have gotten a lot of emails asking who this employee is and how do you know it’s true and so forth. Well first, I won’t reveal any names “just in case” this is legit. Second, I don’t know if it’s really true, but the person did send a photo of a very legitimate looking pay stub in their hand, granted those could probably be photoshopped and printed out…by why go through all that and not contact someone like BGR and Engadget…I don’t know. Hence, why I’ve stated “take this for what its worth.” I’m not looking to claim an exclusive here.

That said, I contacted the same person via email and asked them for an update, after a week, and suspiciously after Google and Samsung’s announcement concerning the Nexus S, I got a response.

Okay, so no doubt you saw the news regarding the Nexus S, well we’ve been asked to hold off on the release of 2.3 for all HTC phones until after the new year to give the new Google Phone its due and time to apparently sell. I can say the update is coming along smoothly and would be ready in time but since we are postponing the release we’ll put some polish on it. Combining 2.3 and the new updated Sense UI, it looks hot.

There was a little more but Im going to stay mum on the rest. So there you have it, delayed. Will it be March like Engadget claims or just after the new year…while that’s a little vague. Either way it’s look true…..after Christmas it is.