Two iPhone Models to be shown off in September as well as new iPod Touch

Posted on Jul 8 2011 - 10:54am by Mike Wewerka
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We’ve been hearing this rumors for a while, the new iPhone will be “completely different” and the new iPhone will be the “same” as the iPhone 4 with upgraded specs. The new iPhone will be teardropped shaped and the new iPhone will be the same as the iPhone 4 only slightly thinner and lighter. Blah Blah Blah, while some of these have come from, who used to be a great site until recently, when everything seemed to be newsworthy…like when a RIM Exec takes a pee, they’ll let you know. Hell, in some posts they would contradict their own exclusives only a few paragraphs apart. I think it was the “Nexus 4G” story, where they said the device was going to be called the Nexus 4G and other facts and then at the bottom of the article say, they say this device may not be called the Nexus 4G, it may not even be a Nexus at all and just some flagship device…? What?

9to5Mac, who is a much more credible site, claims that from a source of their’s, who has been very reliable in the past, informed them that Apple will be launching not one, but two, iPhones this September. While this tip is hardly groundbreaking, it does hold weight from a site like 9to5Mac and should be noted. Apple plans to release the two iPhones, a low-end and high-end model, side by side and the look of each device will be completely different so there won’t be any type of confusion. The low-end device is going to be used to “fend-off” the cheap Android phones at “no-contract carriers.”

We’ve also seen the reports that the iPhone is changing and staying the same from tons of different analysts, so which is true? Well, the “change” could be the iPhone 5 while the “stays the same” is the iPhone 4S. These will both be new phones, with new designs, however little some of those design changes may be, because Apple can then make the 4S “substantially” cheaper by using cheaper parts, rather than just cutting the price on the current iPhone 4. These new devices will be shown off at the iPod event in September where, if rumors are true, we’ll be seeing a new iPod Touch and supposedly a new iPad dubbed “HD” in addition to the two new phones.

I doubt we’ll get the same type of spoiler (like an iPhone found in a bar) like we did for the iPhone 4, so we’ll have to wait until September or until “Mr. Blurrycam” gets us a true picture of the next gen iPhones.

Head over to 9to5Mac for more and their take on what they think will happen.

[Source: 9to5Mac]