Twitter updated iOS and Android Apps

Posted on Apr 26 2012 - 7:02pm by Mike Wewerka

Do you still use the official Twitter app? If so, good news, Twitter has just updated their iOS and Android apps to make things a whole lot easier, like the ability to search, discover and spell, they’ve even added more language support and a bunch more.

The update, version 4.2, includes an updated design that incorporates the discover feature users of the web version have come to enjoy. Now users have the ability to see which of their tweets their followers have retweeted, as well as seeing who their own followers have followed or added to a list. Overall, searching and discovery has become more streamlined and easier. If you’re a bad speller, don’t worry, Twitter has added spelling suggestions for popular searches, once again, making it easy to find the information you’re seeking.

Another new feature in the update is the auto complete when writing usernames, which will come in handy when your looking for, or replying to, someone who may have gotten little to creative with the spelling of their account name. Version 4.2 also adds “push” notifications for when one of your own tweets has been retweeted or been made a favorite by someone else.

Because of Twitter’s rapid growth and expansion, the team has added support for several new languages including: Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and Polish.

You can download the iPhone version on your device or head to the App Store and the Android version can be found at Google Play.

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