Twitter announces Vine, a looped video sharing App

Posted on Jan 24 2013 - 5:04pm by Mike Wewerka
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0120 twiter full 380 Twitter announces Vine, a looped video sharing App

With the increasing threat of Instagram, Twitter has begun to branch out its services, like offering their own filter-based camera functions built into the official Twitter app, but now the social media company is expanding into a new avenue, video, an area where Instagram has no foothold. Today marked the debut of Vine, Twitter’s new social video sharing app that allows users to take quick, 6-second videos, that when finished, loop back and continuously play. The best part is that after a video is shot, they can then be embedded in a tweet, for everyone’s followers to view, via Twitter’s website. When clicked, the video plays automatically, without any user interaction. Is this the new method of sharing our daily lives? I guess we’ll see shortly.

The Vine app is free and is currently available on the iPhone, but it should arrive on other platforms, namely Android,  very soon.