Thoughts on Android fans after Jobs resignation

Posted on Aug 24 2011 - 10:37pm by Mike Wewerka

It hasn’t even been 5 hours since Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple and already fans of Android have mocked Apple and Jobs, laughed at the idea and poked fun at Jobs and his health. I find this utterly disgusting. I won’t link the multiple pages that I read these comments on, as those comments are not the views of the site they are posted on (I hope), but, I will sound off.

First off, let me re-iterate the fact I too, am an Android fan, for those of you who may find your way to this post, I have owned an EVO 4G and currently use a Nexus S 4G and own ASUS EeePad Trasformer, which I paid for. I probably post more Android news than Apple on this site, mostly likely since I like to post more than just “the iPhone is coming” type stories. That said, I do all my work at the office and at home on a Mac, I have an iPad, my wife uses and iPhone 4 and I’ve had an iPhone Gen1, 3G and briefly, an iPhone 4. I have tried my best to post things on this site that have been both Pro-Apple and Pro-Android. I appreciate everything that both companies do and create. Granted these patents suits are getting out of hand, but to each company, they are trying to protect their property and what they’ve created.

Now, with that out of the way, let me say this to you Android fans who can’t seem to see past your own shoes. I may lose a few readers due to this post, but honestly, I don’t care. I’m tired of Android fans dissing Steve Jobs, not because of his stance on being “open” or “closed” or this thoughts on Adobe flash. No, I’m tired of people bring him down and using his health with cancer as a joke. Apparently, some of you sick people have never had a family member go threw cancer. It is disgusting that some people hate Apple so much that they would find it amusing to poke fun at someone who is essentially dying of a disease, just to show off how much they don’t like a company.

If it had not been for Steve Jobs and his dedication to his craft and creating and evolving the computer world, the “window” interface would probably have been trashed by Xerox and we would never have had the Mac OS or Windows. If it had not been for Steve Jobs and the iPhone, we’d be carrying around Motorola Razr 9′s and the first concept of the Android phone (see below).

 Thoughts on Android fans after Jobs resignation

Yes, folks, that was the original design for the first Android device, not till Apple dropped the iPhone on the world did Google go back and create a complete touchscreen interface and changed everything, thus creating the G1. Say what you want, but Steve Jobs’s creativity and attention (or obsession) to detail is what made Apple and the iPhone. Apple then unleashed the App Store, once again paving the way of innovation. Perhaps not the first of its kind, but ultimately, the best of its kind. There is a reason why they have over 500,000 apps and counting. You Apple-haters cry, oh but it’s curated, big deal. Its done to keep harmful apps out. You know like the Trojan viruses that keep affecting Android phones, that wouldn’t happen (nearly as much) if Google took a little more action and curated some of it.

I could continue to go on, but I won’t waste my time. You are free to like or dislike Steve Jobs, but you can’t not being a fan of tech, computers, and mobile devices and not respect the man and what he has done for the industry. You may not agree with his stances on certain topics but you can’t deny his affectiveness and creating a way for things that people never thought would work. For instance, does a tablet really need Flash? So far Android tablets and even the failed TouchPad have tried to tout the fact they have Flash, yet the iPad which is “flash-less” has continued to dominate the market selling beyond expectations and destroying its competition. Still you may not agree, but the man knows what he is doing.

As a fan of Android (and Apple) it makes me sick that other Android fanatics think it’s funny and okay to joke about the man’s health like it’s just some insignificant deal. It’s people like this that making being an Android fan difficult. I do not wish to be associated with any “FanDroid” group that feels that cancer is something so trivial that posting a joke about Steve Jobs and death is funny.

Its interesting, if someone were to use the N-word to offend someone, it would raise the awareness the website owner, call someone the F-word if they were gay and the same thing happens. Yet people who run these sites allow people to post jokes and hateful comments, and to a degree, join in, about a disease that is not funny and will ultimately cause death and what do they do? Nothing. I guess until someone they know developes cancer, they will continue to do things as normal.

I’m not trying to tell anyone how to think or how to act, I’m just saying you MIGHT want to think about what you are saying. Because you never know when something horrible could happen to someone you love or worse, yourself.

I’m out.

  • Skimiks11

    agreed. disgusting to be poking fun at his health. he was a great business man, and a genius, no less. stolen ideas or not, their marketing for their products have been nothing but fantastic. look at their sales records, they will speak for themselves. HOWEVER, it doesn’t change the fact that apple was a bully with their own cult groups, fanboys and girls really annoyed me. i really hate the fact that the media keeps portraying him as this “inventor of everything, changing our lives forever” deal… android fans, please do not be like apple fans.