The next version of Android (Jelly Bean) aiming for a second quarter release

Posted on Feb 17 2012 - 12:18am by Mike Wewerka

Hope you all have a salt shaker handy for this one, DigiTimes, the Taiwanese blog who’s been having a hit or miss year with Apple rumors, is now claiming we’ll see an Android 5.0 release, get this, in the second quarter of this year.

DigiTimes even takes this ludicrous idea to the extreme when they say that OEM’s (Android handset manufacturers) are not happy with the adoption of Ice Cream Sandwich and that this new version of Android, be it 5.0 or Jelly Bean, will go back to being a tablet only OS. I highly doubt after all the talk Google did during the introduction of Android 4.0 (about joining tablets and phones into one OS) that they’d ditch their efforts after only one attempt and only 4 months of availability.

Perhaps DigiTimes means that we’ll see a new version of Android in the second quarter at say, Google I/O, but as for a full-fledged release, we highly doubt it.

Although, to play the Devil’s Advocate, we haven’t seen many OEM’s updating phones or tablets to Ice Cream Sandwich very quickly. Even ASUS who said they’d have Android 4.0 on the original EeePad Transformer soon after it was announced fell from 2011, into January 2012 and then into mid-February and now early March. Perhaps manufacturers really are having trouble with the OS. While OEM’s custom UI’s certainly slow down the upgrade process, but when Gingerbread was released, devices were being updated sooner and with more certainty than devices that could potentially run Android 4.0. We are now four months since the release of the Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0, so far we have one phone (the Galaxy Nexus) that has it and it’s a Google phone, and we only have 2 tablets, the pure Google XOOM and ASUS’s Transformer Prime, that’s it. While I’m still highly doubting this rumor, I just thought I’d toss in some other details.

What do you all think? Do you agree with DigiTimes and these “supposed” Taiwanese suppliers or is this all just rubbish?

Source: DigiTimes