The Facebook phone is real and HTC’s been pegged to build it!

Posted on Nov 21 2011 - 6:37pm by Mike Wewerka
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We’ve heard the rollercoaster rumor of a “Facebook” phone before, it comes and goes, up and down. We’ve even seen companies like HTC make phones with dedicated Facebook buttons, even Motorola is rumored to have one in the works.

But today, it looks like a little more weight is being tossed onto the rumor. Tech site, AllThingsD is reporting that the Facebook phone is real and will be running off a modified version of Android. The report even goes on to say that HTC, makers of the HTC Social (the phone with the dedicated Facebook button) has been pegged to build the device.

Obviously with a phone being built around the Facebook brand, we’re going to see tight integration of things like Places, Chat, your wall, but possibly even games and music.

The device is currently going by the project name, Buffy, and while Facebook hasn’t denied the rumor, they also haven’t confirmed it. But a representative was kind enough to tell AllThingsD the following:

“Our mobile strategy is simple: We think every mobile device is better if it is deeply social,” a Facebook spokesperson told AllThingsD, declining to comment specifically on the secret phone. ”We’re working across the entire mobile industry; with operators, hardware manufacturers, OS providers, and application developers to bring powerful social experiences to more people around the world.”

Source: AllThingsD