The DROID DNA, the Android phone for me?

Posted on Nov 14 2012 - 11:20pm by Mike Wewerka
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Until recently, I’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy S III in tandem with my iPhone 5, thanks to Verizon’s use of LTE SIM cards, I simply pop the card out and put it into the other phone, however with the iPhone 5 using a Nano SIM, I have to use an adapter for it to work. The Galaxy S III has been a fantastic phone, but I always found myself going back to the iPhone as my personal device. I’ve never been a fan of the TouchWiz UI, so I’ve always used the launcher to replace it, be it ADW Launcher or my new personal favorite, Apex Launcher, which gives me the ability to make my device look like stock Android. Maybe it’s because of what I do, but I always find myself wanting the next big thing and for a while, the Galaxy S III was that device. It had a big display, NFC, LTE, 2GB of RAM sounds like a great device… and it was, yet I kept finding myself going back to the iPhone. I’d like to say it was because of apps and Apple’s ecosystem, but to be frank, there’s nothing I use on the iPhone, that I can’t get on the Google Play Store. I kept racking my brain… why do I keep wanting to use the iPhone over the beast that is the Samsung Galaxy S III. Then it hit me… it’s the quality. Apple’s iPhone feels incredible, it looks beautiful and it has a level of sophistication that other smartphones lack, that is until I saw the DROID DNA by HTC.

When Verizon and HTC revealed their latest collaboration, the DROID DNA in New York this week, they not only introduced the world to the latest smartphone in the DROID line, but they also debuted the most powerful smartphone that features the world’s best display. The DROID DNA follows in the footsteps of another HTC device, the One X. When I reviewed the One X back in June, I raved over the design of the device and how it felt. In fact, my only real complaint—which was that the white soft matte finish was susceptible to staining—is no longer an issue with the DNA, as it comes in black. Like the One X, the DROID DNA features a gorgeous design with a high-end finish and top of the line display that features more pixels per inch than any other smartphone, including the iPhone 5 and the Nokia Lumia 920. Finally, an Android device that a has a display with a resolution beyond imagination, a top of the line quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, LTE, NFC and wireless charging, combined with a high-end design that rivals that of the iPhone, with its metal accent grills, polycarbonite frame with soft touch finish and a thin profile. I’ve enjoyed using the Galaxy S III, but Samsung’s continued use of the HD Super AMOLED display and its pentile matrix configuration which has gotten old, especially after appearing on the Galaxy Nexus a year ago.

Is the DROID DNA the Android device I’ve been waiting for? It certainly features specs that won’t be outdated next month when more Android phones flood the market, but it also has exactly what I’ve been craving for in an Android device, a beautiful and sophisticated design. Come November 21st—a day after my Birthday I might add—I’ll find out.