turns 1 year old today!

Posted on Aug 15 2011 - 6:31pm by Mike Wewerka
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So today, one year ago, was born. For those of you who didn’t follow us in the beginning, we used to be before we progressively turned into a “tech only” site. focused on things like Tech (primarily), Movies, TV, and Video Games. Our passion for tech become so overwhelming that we just decided to go full head-on into the tech genre.

We know there are a lot of other tech sites you could visit (and probably do) but it means a lot that so many of you come back here. We hope that in the future we can provide you all with not only the same great news, but a different perspective on things as well. We know that not everyone agrees with our feelings (especially towards RIM and Mike Lazaridis) but we feel that we have unique opinions and that makes us different than the big guys.

We have some other big things planned in the future as we grow and add more people to our staff. Speaking of which, we are seeking a daily news contributor, if you think you’d be interested, check out our team page.

In the mean time, here is to one year and hopefully many more, Cheers!

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