Target announces they plan to stop carrying Amazon and Kindle products, due to conflict of interest

Posted on May 2 2012 - 4:04pm by Mike Wewerka

It their pursuit of online retail domination, Amazon appears to have lost sight of those partners who help them make money, the brick and mortar stores. Announced by Bloomberg today, U.S. retail giant Target, has decided to stop selling Amazon’s Kindle brand after only stocking it for about two years.  With Amazon’s business growing and expanding into new areas (especially home furnishing, a big area for Target), they’ve become a large threat and/or competitor to Target’s business, thus creating a “conflict of interest.”

In an email sent out today, Target spokeswoman, Molly Snyder says:

“Target is phasing out Kindles and Amazon- and Kindle- branded products in the spring of 2012, we will continue to offer our guests a full assortment of e-readers and supporting accessories, including the Nook.”

When you change the situation to something like Walmart creating their own e-Reader and expecting Target to sell it, it makes more sense why Target would decide to stop supporting a company with whom they are directly competing against. Amazon was fine for years, but recently they’ve even been encouraging customers to shop at physical retail stores with an Amazon app, which allows you to scan an item’s UPC barcode with a smartphone camera and get the Amazon’s online price, which usually tend to be cheaper, which in the end hurts stores like Target.

Target expects to phase out Amazon’s products from their physical and online retail stores starting this Spring (2012), they didn’t however suggest that they’d discount any hardware, we assume they’ll continue to sell them as they are currently priced, only they won’t re-order more once they their quantities are depleted.