Steve Ballmer Announces 4 New Features for Windows 8

Posted on Oct 19 2011 - 9:10pm by Doug Puccetti
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At the Dell Conference last Friday, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer revealed 4 new features to the new Tablet OS Windows 8. These 4 features are lock screen, Metro start screen, Metro live tiles and Windows 8 servers. I understand that these things have been talked about before but at the recent conference these were the four main features he highlighted.

Lockscreen: Even tho the lock screens are pretty standard, this is one of the things you see most often. When you’re away from your device, it locks like it should. However, even tho its locked, you still receive notifications, emails and social media updated right on the screen for when you get back (sounds like every other mobile OS?).

Metro UI Start Screen: Many people have complained about this start screen and the Metro live tiles. Windows developers have been doing their best to keep up and fix these issues as Ballmer reminds everyone that this is an early version of Windows 8, not the final product.

Windows Metro Live Tiles: Windows developers have stuck with the simplistic live tiles. But with Windows 8 they are showing off something new. You can make custom live tiles that display specific information from news or stock. So any information you might need could be instantly available. Now I can see that being a feature people use often.

Windows Server 8: This feature was available back in 2008 however, it was not perfected. Now with windows 8 in the works, Microsoft plans on perfecting this virtual server for IT administrators making it faster and smoother. I know not many people are worried about this but I’m sure there are developers and tech workers who are very excited.

Well that’s an update of Windows 8. One main feature that most of us are excited about is porting programs and information from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Will this be the next best step for Microsoft?