Sprint to carry BlackBerry 10 devices, later this year

Posted on Jan 11 2013 - 4:36pm by Mike Wewerka
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blackberry london l series 580x380 Sprint to carry BlackBerry 10 devices, later this year

Speaking with The Verge, the nation’s forth largest carrier, Sprint, said that they plan to carry RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10. This announcement of sorts comes after the other three carriers, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, all said they were planning to carry new BB10 devices too. That’s the good news, if you’re a Sprint customer and a fan of BlackBerry. The bad is that no official launch window was given, other than “later this year.” That’s seems to be Sprint’s answer to everything lately, we’ll get to that or we’ll sell that, later this year.

This vagueness could be Sprint’s sly way of committing, but not officially committing. Remember, Sprint announced that they would carry a WiMax enabled BlackBerry Playbook once, but after the device failed to take off with consumers, Sprint retracted their statement and said that they were no longer going to carry the fledgling tablet from RIM. Sprint may be playing the waiting game, announcing that they’ll carry BB10 phones later, only to sit back for a few months to see how well the other carriers fair before they decide to actually stock their store shelves with what could be a potential flop. You never know, maybe they learned something from being so eager to sell phones like the Kyocera Echo.