Sprint: The Galaxy Nexus Online Pre-Orders Sold Out

Posted on Apr 19 2012 - 5:57pm by Mike Wewerka

Screen Shot 2012 04 19 at 4.59.27 PM Sprint: The Galaxy Nexus Online Pre Orders Sold Out

If you’re a Sprint customer who was looking to pick up the new Galaxy Nexus on April 22nd, you better get your hiking and/or camping gear ready. The Sprint online store is officially “sold out,” meaning you’re going to have to go to your local store and camp out, in an attempt to beat out the rest of the Pure Google craving horde. If your local store doesn’t have any left, that’s where the hiking gear comes in handy, prepare for a trek across town.

All kidding aside, this is good news for the “Now Network,” who’ve been side lined with lawsuits, drop in customers and a “better late than never,” 4G LTE network.  With GNex selling out this quickly, it shows Sprint that Android fans want more powerful and cutting edge (at least it was 5 months ago) devices, not just cheap green LG phones.

Any of you planning to pick up the Galaxy Nexus for Sprint on the 22nd.