Exclusive: Sprint quietly CONFIRMS that their 4G LTE network will be “unlimited”

Posted on Apr 3 2012 - 2:50pm by Mike Wewerka

Update: We just got a response from Sprint’s PR person Nichole Cappitelli, who confirmed that Sprint WILL in fact offer unlimited data with their new 4G LTE network when it goes live. I sent an email to her that asked if Sprint would be offering unlimited data on their new 4G LTE network when the Viper 4G is released, here is her response:

You are correct, LG Viper 4G LTE will be available on Sprint’s network featuring unlimited data.

So there you have it. The Now Network will be the only carrier in the United States to offer 4G LTE speeds, without limits or throttling.

——–Original Post———

Sprint just recently announced the pre-order status of their upcoming LG Viper, which may end up being the company’s first LTE device. While the official press release might have pointed out such interesting features, like the fact that the LG Viper 4G will only retail for $99 on contract or that it is an “eco-friendly” device, I found something more interesting.

Written in plain English, right in their own press release, Sprint says that their new 4G LTE network will be “unlimited.”

“Pairing innovative technology with the Sprint 4G LTE network and unlimited data plans, LG Viper 4G LTE helps manage work and personal time…”


“LG Viper pairs perfectly with our unlimited data plans to bring customers the benefit of new technology, including our upcoming 4G LTE capabilities at a great price,” said David Owens, vice president-Product Development, Sprint. “This smartphone is packed with the tools our customers need to stay connected. Best of all, customers can feel good about owning LG Viper because of its robust list of eco-friendly features.”

It looks like we have confirmation that Sprint will continue to offer unlimited data, even with 4G LTE. The “Now Network” will be the only Carrier in the States to offer truly unlimited data at 4G LTE speeds. Should be interesting
to see if this sticks.

We’ve reached out to Sprint to see if they can clarify or confirm this detail. We’ll update this post when we do.

  • StupidPeopleShouldntBreed

    So this article is just for people who can’t read plain English. I get it now, lmao. Just can’t fix stupid…

    • http://www.techhog.com/ Michael T. Blake

      Yeah, must be a dumb article considering every major site from Engadget to the Verge picked it up. It’s more about the fact that it was clearly confirmed Sprint, instead of some BS, PR lingo. And considering Sprint has yet to really come out and say their LTE service would be unlimited, we wanted clarification and “WE” got it first.

      Don’t like the article, go somewhere else, plain and simple.

  • Poohbearr88

    LTE? Will Sprint charge extra? I paid extra for 4 G and didn’t get 4 G in all the two year Ive had EVO.

    • http://www.techhog.com/ Michael T. Blake

       LTE is essentially replacing WiMax, which is being faded out. The pricing for LTE will remain the same as it did for WiMax, so no more, no less.

  • AnnDriod

    I’ll stay with Sprint as long as I get to enjoy Unlimited Data Plans.  It’s so relaxing not having to watch usage.

  • Chaucers Left Testicle

    I wonder how long they’ll sustain the unlimited data?

    If some customers get it and others don’t its likely to be a real bone of contention which is never good for PR.

  • bill303

    Will sprint offer 4g lte service for the HTC evo 4g phone?

    • http://www.techhog.com/ Michael T. Blake

       If you’re referring to the original EVO 4G, no, that device runs on WiMax, a different 4G technology. Sprint is replacing or “phasing out” WiMax over the next 2-3 years and so no new WiMax phones are being made. New 4G devices will be equipped with LTE radios, like the LG Viper 4G, the Galaxy Nexus and the new upcoming EVO One/X that will be announced this evening by Sprint and HTC.

      Check back after 5:30 pm to get more info on that. Hope that helps clear things up.

  • gmanthebrave


    I like the article Michael, and unfortunately, the way
    things are reposted, no one knows a lot of the time who was the first to scoop
    the news.  Great job though, but I’m
    still skeptical.  I guess time will tell,
    but I’m not going to leave my unlimited 3G plan with AT&T until I know for
    sure someone has the unlimited LTE.  I
    watch A LOT of HDTV with my DISH Sling Adapter and I would burn through the LTE
    data.  I will tell my DISH co-workers
    about this great deal since they already get the DISH/Sprint employee discount.