Sprint preparing to deploy its own Pre-Paid cellular service to combat T-Mobile/Metro PCS

Posted on Jan 3 2013 - 11:58am by Mike Wewerka

sprint prepaid 100019655 large Sprint preparing to deploy its own Pre Paid cellular service to combat T Mobile/Metro PCS

It looks like Sprint is preparing for battle head-on against T-Mobile/MetroPCS, which will be fully formed some point later this year. Internal documents which feature Sprint’s pre-paid plans have been leaked to AndroidPolice.com and show off some pricing and devices for when the service goes live, which is expected to kick off on January 25. As part of the service Sprint will be offering four devices, two feature phones and two smartphone, which include in: the Samsung M400 (feature phone), the Samsung Array (feature phone), the LG Optimus Elite (smartphone) and the Samsung Victory (smartphone), which will sell for non-subsidy prices of $50, $80, $150 and $250 respectively.

While Sprint already allows pre-paid partners like Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile to use its network, however Sprint is taking matters into their own hands when battling the newly merged T-Mobile and Metro PCS and will offer their network with “truly” unlimited data, meaning no data throttling like its partners. There is still a drawback to Sprint’s plan, like its partners, Sprint will not offer LTE as part of its Pre-Paid service, despite the fact that the Samsung Victory is an LTE equipped device. Other negative, is that Sprint’s service won’t offer free roaming on EV-DO networks, so you’ll have to pay extra if you roam out of your typical area and onto another carriers network.

As for plans, Sprint-as-you-Go will offer two, a $50 a month feature phone plan and a $70 a month unlimited plan that includes voice, messages and data. There’s a little more bad news, if you’re a current Sprint customer and would like to drop down to one of these plans, but are using a phone like a Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II or even an HTC EVO 4G LTE… you’re out of luck. No other devices, other than the four mentioned, will work with Sprint’s pre-paid service, but more devices will be added down the line.

If you’re looking for a clearer explanation, here’s the jest of it. Let’s say you want an affordable pre-paid plan on Sprint’s network—which may open LTE to partners this quarter—Boost and Virgin Mobile both offer $55 unlimited plans, which include voice, messages and data. The only catch with those plans is that if you exceed 2.5GB of data a month, they throttle you back down to 2G or Edge speeds. The majority of smartphone users don’t exceed even 2GB of data, so in most cases you’ll be fine. However, if you really must have truly unlimited data, with no throttling, then Sprint’s pre-paid plan may be for you, but ask yourself, is the extra $15 a month really worth it? Because that is the only real difference.

Source: AndroidPolice.com (more images)