Sprint brings its 4G LTE service to four new cities

Posted on Jan 28 2013 - 4:27pm by Mike Wewerka
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sprint logo outside building 580x380 Sprint brings its 4G LTE service to four new cities

Anyone still using Sprint? I kid, sort of. If you are still a Sprint customer, good news, depending on where you live, as the Now Network has just announced 4 more cities that are getting an upgrade to 4G LTE. As part of the companies 58 total markets, it can now include Boston, MA; Austin, TX; Fort Wayne, IN; and western Puerto Rico. How does that fair against the leading rival, Verizon… let’s put it this way, Sprint needs another 400+ more cities before its even close. Not to mention that all these new cities (like the other 54) are using an older, slower spectrum. Whereas Verizon uses 10Mhz channels, Sprint continues to use 5Mhz, while they continue to transition their existing towers to LTE, they are forgetting—or ignoring—their back-end, which also needs to be upgraded. Because they’ve failed to do this thus far, that is why so many customers on Sprint’s LTE network have been experiencing slightly faster 3G speeds and but mostly slower than HSPA+ downlink speeds.

Until Sprint can fully update their back-end and use their freed up 800MHz spectrum from their iDEN network, expect to receive 3G or HSPA+ speeds on their LTE network, but hey, it’s unlimited, right?