Spotify Mobile Now Free for Android

Posted on Jul 31 2012 - 9:15am by Doug Puccetti

This morning, Spotify has released information about their widely popular mobile application. Previously, you needed to have a premium membership in order for you to be able to use Spotifys mobile app but they just released information that it is now free to use on Android. This is a great move by Spotify because having to pay a monthly fee to use the app was a major complaint to a lot of customers. So if you were hesitant about the $9.99/mo payment just to use the mobile application, fear no more and enjoy using the service free on your Android device.

*Editors Update* This update does not unlock all the features of the mobile app, you’ll still need a premium account if you wish to listen to your pre-made playlists and to add new songs or listen to specific artists. The free app is essentially Spotify’s version of Pandora, as it now includes a streaming radio option based on certain artists that you enjoy.

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