Sony has been hacked…yet again, this time it’s Sony Ericsson

Posted on May 25 2011 - 6:41pm by Mike Wewerka

sony hacked Sony has been hacked...yet again, this time its Sony Ericsson

Well as I said earlier today via twitter (see image below), somebody re-set the countdown clock on the next Sony cyber attack. Well, it didn’t take long, I was expecting at least a few days but those pesky hackers did it today! A group called Idahca, a Lebanese hacking group, have taken credit for the hack which was into a Sony Ericsson’s online shop in Canada. The hack once again went after personal information which included email addresses and passwords and belonged to more than 2,000 people. Sony has tried to sugar coat the problem by stating no credit card numbers were stolen. To make matters worse for the poor individuals whose info was stolen, its has been leaked on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Sony needs to step up and fix this issue or they are going to go under, if not from security issues, then from lawsuits from customers who are upset about their privacy being exploited by these criminals. It is unclear if this whole issue stems from the backlash about Sony’s stance on hackers and the PS3, but it sure would make sense and it seems to be working.

We still don’t know if this Lebanese group is responsible for all the previous hacks, but I doubt it. This seems more like a community of hacking groups having fun at Sony’s expense, which in the end could be costly.

Screen shot 2011 05 25 at 6.32.15 PM Sony has been hacked...yet again, this time its Sony Ericsson

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