SNL mocks Google Glass in hilarious review

Posted on May 8 2013 - 10:52am by Mike Wewerka
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armisen google glass SNL mocks Google Glass in hilarious review

Fred Armisen as Randall Meeks on SNL © 2013 NBC

Fred Armisen is a funny guy, but as Randall Meeks—the SNL News Technology Correspondent—he’s even funnier. So what do you get when you add Armisen as Meeks and Google Glass together? A  hilarious mock review, that may be a satire on the device, but actually does a good job of showing average consumers just how ridiculous they may look wearing them. Armisen shows SNL News anchor Seth Myers just how “easy” it is to use Google Glass, while thrashing his head around in erratic movements to achieve what should be simple tasks. He then goes on to show how he can talk to Seth while “multi-tasking,” but really he just looks goofy. At one point, Armisen accidentally starts watching a porn movie (which actually isn’t possible with Glass) and when he wants to mute the volume, he repeatedly asks “Glass” to mute, mute, mute… it’s quite funny.

As I said, this is a satirical look at Google Glass–it’s on SNL afterall—but despite that fact, people who are unfamiliar with Google Glass, or are just seeing it for the first time, this may put a preconceived notion in their heads as to just how it’s suppose to work. Armisen may have jerked his head around 8 or 9 times to go back, because it “wasn’t working,” but that may make some people believe that’s how you have to do simple tasks.

Either way, regardless of your feelings towards Google Glass, pro or con, the video is funny and is worth a view.