Smartphones over take PC sales in 2011

Posted on Feb 6 2012 - 9:41am by Mike Wewerka
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According to a new report by Canalys, smartphones have overtaken the sales of PC’s for the first time ever in 2011 and prove that smartphones are no longer just a “for the rich” and they aren’t a “fad.”

Last year, smartphone manufacturers shipped over 488 million devices, whereas PC manufacturers only shipped 415 million computers. While 415 million PC’s is nothing to scoff at, the fact that smartphones have not only met that number, but exceeded it is impressive to say the least. That’s because smartphone shipments increased by over 62% from last year, with all manufacturers combined.

Individually, Apple lead the market with it’s iPhone selling (not shipping) over 37 million units in just the forth quarter and 93 million for the year. Android phones however (made up of numerous manufacturers) still own the market with over 51.6%, and over 81 million devices sold in the 4th quarter alone.

With reports like this, both Apple and Android fans can cheer as their favorites both win, Apple is by far the best selling “single” branded device in the world, and Android (all phones combined) is the best selling OS in the world. To break that down, no other individual phone model sold anywhere near what the iPhone 4S did in the 4th quarter, but Android devices (all models combined) outsell iOS devices hands down to give Android a massive lead in smartphone marketshare.

With a 62% growth since last year and some amazing smartphones (and tablets) on the way, I fully expect the next year’s numbers to be even higher and PC number will begin to drop slowly.