Samsung’s new gorilla marketing campaign tells Apple owners to “Wake Up” (with an Editorial)

Posted on Apr 26 2012 - 12:39pm by Mike Wewerka

So here’s an odd story, Samsung apparently decided to hire a marketing firm called Tongue (yeah, Tongue) to basically wage a protest on an Apple store located in Sydney, Australia. You can view the video below for whole thing, but basically a black travel bus with the words “Wake Up” written on its side pulls up out front of an Australian Apple store.  Then a bunch of people dressed in black, with “Wake Up” written on their chest holding black signs with, you guessed it, Wake Up on it, run up to the Apple store windows and start waving their signs around to get the attention of its employees and customers.

So what was the point of all this? Samsung is trying to alert Apple customers to the Galaxy S III, they even created a website called Wake Up Australia, which features a countdown to the Galaxy S III’s launch. But why “wake up?” Samsung says that you need to stand out, to not all look like the same, (ie, the whole sheep reference from the Galaxy S III video promo) so they are encouraging you to buy a Galaxy S III to be different. Here’s the thing, the whole point of making a smartphone, is for it to be successful, right? Something Apple has apparently done very well. Well, if Samsung is telling customers to stop buying Apple and buy a Samsung, let’s assume they are successfully, then wouldn’t everyone be carrying around a Galaxy S III and then once again, they are all the same, just with Samsung.

While I love Samsung devices and they are big supporter of the site, I just can’t help but feel this tactic (a protest on a store) is a bit much, but also shows a sign of weakness. I mean it looks like Samsung is trying to hard to win over Apple fans, first they mimic their devices, then their peripherals (battery chargers), advertisements, UI, yet they want people to be different…it’s confusing. I think Samsung needs to step back and look at what Apple does so well. They act as if they have no competitors, their ads don’t feature them making jokes about other smartphones, they just show off their device and what it does. Period.

Between this lame attack and the Galaxy S II/Note commercials…it’s painfully obvious who Samsung wants to be, sadly, it’s not Samsung.

Source: AndroidandMe