Samsung’s Mobile Head says to expect a Galaxy Note 8-inch tablet at MWC

Posted on Jan 21 2013 - 3:26pm by Mike Wewerka
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galaxy tab 2 samsung 10.1 580x380 Samsungs Mobile Head says to expect a Galaxy Note 8 inch tablet at MWC

While many of us wait for the reveal of the Galaxy S IV, which many rumors suggested we’d see at CES, it looks like we may see a new Galaxy Note device first. JK Shin, the head of Samsung Mobile, spoke with iNews24 and basically said that the company would be introducing a new 8-inch Note-based tablet at Mobile World Congress (MWC) next month in Barcelona.

This doesn’t come as a big surprise as the “Note” line has quickly picked up steam, with the Note and Note II selling over 10 million units (combined), but the Note 10.1 hasn’t been as well received as its smaller brethren, be it because of price or size, but hopefully with an 8-inch version, Samsung will kill two birds with one stone. As someone who uses a Note II (as my mini wifi-tablet), I’d love a little more real estate when drawing, but would still need the device to fit in my back pocket. This 8-inch version could hit the sweet spot, assuming the price is right.

Unfortunately, aside from the price, Shin didn’t discuss details about the tablet; as in the display resolution, processor, memory and most importantly, which version of Android the Note 8 would be running. It looks like all the details will be revealed next month.

As for that Galaxy S IV reveal, don’t hold your breath for an appearance at MWC, expect Samsung’s flagship device to get its own event, much like the S III last year in London.