Samsung’s Genius May Show With the Galaxy S IV and S IV Mini

Posted on Feb 12 2013 - 4:47pm by Mike Wewerka
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Samsung Galaxy S IV 580x431 Samsungs Genius May Show With the Galaxy S IV and S IV Mini

Let’s face it, Samsung is finally getting its wish, they are becoming as popular as Apple and the iPhone. More specifically, the Galaxy S brand is becoming more popular. Some people have even suggested that Google may be in trouble as well, as the Galaxy S brand is becoming more well known than the Android OS it’s running. Some of you may remember a time—and I’m sure were sick of hearing it—when uneducated Android users would call their devices a “DROID” because of the Verizon commercials that so successful propelled Android into the mainstream. In short, the Galaxy S name is becoming the new DROID in a matter of speaking. People want them, not just because of Samsung’s clever and downright ruthless attack on Apple’s “coolness,” but because the Galaxy S brand (especially the SII, SIII and Note II) offer stellar specs, great designs and unique features (Smart Stay).

Over the years, Samsung has been doing a great job of offering a device for everyone, from the cheaper, entry level Galaxy phones that feature smaller 3.7-inch displays and mediocre specs, to the top of the line Galaxy S III/Note II, which offer quad-core processors and 4.8 and 5.5-inch displays, respectively, and just about every screen size and spec bump in between. Late last year it was announced that Samsung would be offering a Galaxy S III Mini, a scaled down version of its big brother. About the only thing it featured like its full size sibling, was the design. The rest of the S III Mini featured sub-par specs like a low resolution and outdated 480 x 800 display, a weak 1GHz dual-core processor and small 5-megapixel camera, to just name a few. But this Mini may have been a mere test, to see if the public would like a smaller GS III.

With the Galaxy S IV, Samsung has a device that’s anticipation is now rivaling that of the iPhone, if not exceeding it (at least to Android enthusiasts). The Galaxy S IV is rumored to feature a larger 5-inch, near bezel-less display with full HD 1080p resolution, higher-end materials, an unbelievable 8-core processor, 2GB of RAM, wireless charging, LTE, basically the whole sha-bang. But where their true genius may lie, is if, and when, they release a Galaxy S IV Mini, that features all of the same specs, but with a smaller 4.3-inch display that still features a 720p resolution, so the pixels-per-inch remain high. If Samsung were to do this, they would be offering two massively powerful devices, that would appeal to a much larger audience. As much as the hardcore Android fans love the Galaxy S III, there are folks who think the display is to big and would rather have something smaller, but in doing so, those customers are forced to sacrifice specs and quality as they step down in screen size. This would be an incredibly smart move on Samsung’s part, as it would crush Apple, who only offers a 3.5-inch old iPhone 4/4S and a marginally larger 4-inch iPhone 5. While there are rumors of a larger iPhone 6, supposedly due out later this year, it’s nothing more than a rumor and can’t be taken into account. But Samsung’s had experience and is known for making several devices of different sizes, so this isn’t a stretch for them.

Imagine, a Galaxy S IV, with those specs listed above, available in both a 4.3-inch and 5-inch model. Both devices would dwarf the iPhone 5 (and quite possibly the iPhone 5S) in terms of raw specs and resolution and it’ll be available to those folks who love larger screens and those who want a more palm friendly size smartphone. With the Galaxy S IV, Samsung has an opportunity to shine and show its genius, as well as having a chance to usurp Apple as the “must-have” smartphone by techies and causal consumers.