Samsung to unveil near bezel-less Galaxy B smartphone at MWC

Posted on Feb 24 2012 - 4:04pm by Mike Wewerka

samsung galaxy b 3 MWC Samsung to unveil near bezel less Galaxy B smartphone at MWC

Feast your eyes one what could quite possibly be the sexiest looking smartphone design since the iPhone 4/4S. The above image is believed to be a Samsung device going under the banner of the “Galaxy B” and shows off a design that features a near bezel-less design. With a design like that, we could potentially see a 5-inch screen on a device near the size of the Galaxy Nexus and not the massive Galaxy Note. If the above image is indeed real, that physical home button on the bottom must be awfully tiny and could be a pain in the ass to use.

As for the name “Galaxy B,” it’s a name that doesn’t currently fit within Samsung’s Galaxy naming strategy that they introduced back in August of last year. The current Galaxy models consist of “S” (Super Smart), “R” (Royal / Refined), “W” (Wonder), “M” (Magical), “Y” (Young) and then there are the other add on names like “Pro,” “Plus,” and “LTE.” No where do they mention a Galaxy B name, which could mean that somewhere down the line, something was confused and maybe the “B” could have been a “3,” they do sound an awful lot a like.

With almost no bezel, this device will no doubt turn some heads, but how will it be to actually use? Sometimes a bezel or even a little area to place your thumbs, help make texting (when horizontal), playing games and watching movies easier. With no real area to “grasp” your phone, it should be interesting to see how people adapt to it. Because a beautiful design means nothing if its ease of use is compromised.
So what do you all think, sink or swim?
Source: MKNews (Korean) Via Phandroid (Chris Chavez)