Samsung to introduce S-Cloud, an iCloud competitor along with the Galaxy S III at May 3rd event

Posted on Apr 20 2012 - 4:32pm by Mike Wewerka

Come May 3rd, we may be getting more than just the next device in the Galaxy S line (i.e. the Galaxy S III), if recent reports are true, it looks like Samsung is prepping their own cloud service, a’la iCloud. This rumored “S-Cloud” may or may not be a re-branding of Samsung’s current cloud service, Kies, but it’s said that it will allow similar functionality to Apple’s iCloud, by storing music, movies and data and will sync them via other Samsung devices and computers.

The Galaxy S III is surely to be one of Samsung’s biggest launch, so there would be no better time to kick off a new cloud based storage service than right along side it. Rumors have pegged the service as offering five free gigabyes when users sign up, but other reports suggest that Samsung may offer unlimited storage for media purchased through the service, much like Amazon does with their cloud locker.


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