Samsung makes demand to see Apple iPhone 4S/5 and iPad 3

Posted on May 28 2011 - 11:10pm by Mike Wewerka

samsung logo Samsung makes demand to see Apple iPhone 4S/5 and iPad 3

Have you ever heard the phrase, “that’s got a Snowball’s chance in hell?” Well, I’m sure Samsung’s lawyers have…at least from Apple’s lawyers. It was reported this week that Apple has been granted by a Judge the right to view Samsung’s upcoming devices (phones and tablets) to see how closely they resemble their own hardware. Samsung and its board of Mosquitoes, er… I’m sorry, lawyers (I always get those two blood sucking parasites confused), has now asked the Judge if they can have a look at Apple’s upcoming iPhone 4S / 5 (or whatever they plan to call it) and the upcoming iPad 3…you know, so they don’t have any accidental design likenesses and can avoid future legalities.

 Samsung makes demand to see Apple iPhone 4S/5 and iPad 3

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Hey Samsung, can you do me solid? See if they’ll show me too, just so I know if I’ll have to buy another case for my iPad or if the iPad 3 will fit the one I got? Because you know, I don’t want to have to spend money if I don’t have too…

As much as I like Samsung (I’m sporting one of their 61″ 1080p TV’s and a Nexus S 4G), but even I have to admit the Galaxy S line does resemble the iPhone 3GS, and TouchWiz’s UI design is obviously modeled after iOS. Even the Galaxy S II has a striking iPhone 4 quality to it…that’s not saying I wouldn’t choose the GSII over the iPhone, I’m just saying.

Best of lucky Sammy, you’re going to need it when you make that kind of request from Fort Apple and General Jobs.

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  • Sidarth Kher

    please don’t tell me you think they meant that? its called posturing.

  • Sdflk

    Nothing is original anymore, everything takes something from something else.