Samsung launches “the Next Galaxy” website, poke fun at Apple iPhone fans again

Posted on Apr 23 2012 - 11:48am by Mike Wewerka

When Samsung launched the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II, rather than market the device to “all” new customers, they aimed their new ads squarely at current Apple users by depicting people waiting in line for an iPhone, talking about how they are awesome and yet, they are waiting for the same old device.

Well, it looks like Samsung is at it again with their new teaser for the upcoming Galaxy S III (or whatever they’ll call it), they’ve poked fun at iPhone users by saying now you can now own a phone that makes you stand out and be different and not look like everyone else, then shows a pen of sheep (for those of you who don’t know, sheep or “iSheep” has been a term that many Android sites call fans of Apple products).

The ad itself didn’t show off any new details, other than saying a few things about what users can expect from this “next galaxy.” At the end, we see the blue and white shapes that were used on the Unpacked event invite, which to us, looked like liquid ceramic splotches.

The video is below, tell us what you think.