Samsung Galaxy S II Live Unveiling Event

Posted on Aug 30 2011 - 6:13pm by Mike Wewerka

Live updates from the Samsung Event in New York, the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S II in the U.S.

-Live Panel: One tap weather
-Sizeable widgets
-Improved Social Hub

-Updated TouchWiz – scroll through homescreen or tap on one to view instantly.
-Cleaner User interface, less around icons, presenting a cleaner overall look.

- Vlingo powered robust Voice control system
- HUB experience broadened, rent content on one device and take it to another


- Encrpyted device for the most secure experience
- No NFC for Sprint Galaxy S II
- All 3 variants are 4G
- Netflix ready
- 16GB on board plus, microSD Card support up to 32GB.
- Latest version of Gingerbread
-HD Video and Picture Editor
- Google Talk enabled
- 10% bigger battery