Sales of the PlayStation Vita have dropped again, while the 3DS continues to do well

Posted on Jan 5 2012 - 10:11am by Mike Wewerka

There’s something to be said for a significant price drop, I’m not talking a $25 or $50 dollar drop either. When Nintendo’s 3DS was struggling to catch on at the $249, Nintendo dropped the price by $80 bucks. They knew in this new market of “games-on-the-go” smartphones are taking over and a price tag of $250 was just to high. Yet, Sony decided to launch their Vita with a $300 premium price tag. Gamers can get a full-fledged home console for less money with more power, more storage and better visuals. Pricing may not be the only contributing factor, as the name “Vita” really sucks as a gaming device name.

Whatever the reason is, Sony needs to fix it. After selling around 357,000 units (give or take) in its first week the Vita dropped 87% the following week, and now last week, dropped again, going on to sell 42,648 units. Granted the holiday shopping spree is over, but those numbers are not good for a device that should be growing or at least staying even. To make matters worse, Sony’s own PSP is outselling the new Vita.

According to Famitsu, the Japanese gaming industry has been down over 8% from last year. This is a clear sign that gamers are taking to other devices for their gaming experience. This is a sure sign that smartphone apps and games are beginning to put a dent in the traditional gaming market. With mobile apps and game downloads hitting an all time high this holiday, we are beginning to see a shift.

Via: The Verge | Source: Famitsu [Japanese] & 4Gamer [Japanese]


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