Sales of Microsoft Surface are Modest at best, Ballmer says as much to French site

Posted on Nov 12 2012 - 5:07pm by Mike Wewerka

So just how well is Microsoft’s Surface selling? Well, you’ve probably heard that online, the 32GB model ($499) has been sold out, but what we don’t know is just how many Microsoft even made for that product to be sold out. They could have made 1,000 and sold them all, but only thousand isn’t as impressive when you see the hard numbers.

Ballmer was in Paris, France recently and spoke with the site Le Parisien (French) and was questioned on the sales of Windows 8 and thus the Surface, to which Ballmer boasted about Windows 8, saying that they’ve sold 4 million updates within three days of the product launch. As for Surface, he said “modest…” he then went on to say that it was because of the tablet’s only selling locations have been online and Microsoft’s own stores. To which I argue, almost all of Apple’s iPhone and iPad sales come from online first, when those are sold out, customers go to stores. That model hasn’t stopped Apple from selling millions of iPads within three days.

Microsoft’s PR quickly went into damage control, saying that what Ballmer “meant” to say, was that they have been ramping up the Surface “modestly.” Which I say is a complete load, the tablet has been out for a while, release some sales figures to let us know just how many you’ve sold. Apple touts their iPad numbers after three days… let’s see some Surface figures. If Microsoft’s PR is telling the truth, that should be easy to prove, after all, it is their tablet and they have all the first hand facts.

Source: LA Times