Rumor: Speaker parts for upcoming iPhone 5S and 6 leak online

Posted on Jan 28 2013 - 11:14am by Mike Wewerka
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What would a new year be without Apple iPhone rumors months in advance of a new model being announced? The following two images come from the French website, which in the past has accurately posted images and rumors about the iPhone 5, so these images do have us curious to say the least. Both images images below feature internal speakers for upcoming iPhones, side by side, with an iPhone 5 speaker photoshopped on top for comparison. The author of the post said that he “found” these images while surfing the web—yeah, right—but fails to mention where he found them or gives credit to the original source, which has us believing that he received these images from a source and is covering his bases.

iphone5s iphone6 Rumor: Speaker parts for upcoming iPhone 5S and 6 leak online iphone5s iphone6 02 580x426 Rumor: Speaker parts for upcoming iPhone 5S and 6 leak online

Either way, the pictures speak for themselves. There isn’t too much difference between the 5 and 5S, it’s the iPhone 6 (rumored named) that has us very interested, as it’s much smaller than the other two. This could be an indicator that Apple is planning to mix things up with the iPhone 6, in terms of a completely new design. While that is to be expected, given Apple’s release schedule in the past, what’s interesting is that these two parts are being produced at the same time. If these parts are real and Apple is manufacturer parts for an iPhone 5S and 6 at the same time, it could give some credit to rumors that suggest we’ll see two new iPhones this year, a refresh of the iPhone 5 (aka the iPhone 5S) and an iPhone 6 or iPhone XL, with a larger display to better compete with Samsung and HTC, hell just about every other OEM at this point.

So while it’s still very early at this point to be getting excited, we wanted to share these findings, as we know some of you Apple lovers can’t get enough iPhone news and rumors.