Rumor: Is this the new budget iPhone from Apple? (PICS)

Posted on Apr 6 2013 - 2:40pm by Mike Wewerka
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iPhoneLiteWhiteB2 480x278 Rumor: Is this the new budget iPhone from Apple? (PICS)

When it comes to Apple rumors, perhaps one of the most talked about and hotly debated is whether or not Apple will release a budget priced iPhone. The only other rumor that may have been as talked about, would perhaps be the iPad Mini and we all know how that turned out. Up until now, analysts and industry insiders predict that Apple will release an upgraded iPhone 5, dubbed the 5S, sometime this summer (June or July). However, later this year they also expect Apple to release a more budget friendly iPhone, which will be made of plastic instead of metal and it forego the Retina display, as well as use an older, but still efficient processor like the A5.

The image above (and those below) come courtesy of my friends over at iPhone Life and are said to be renderings of the budget friendly iPhone based on 3D specs from Asian suppliers. These same suppliers are the ones who pegged the hardware in which Apple would use in the cheaper device. Despite earlier reports of the budget iPhone—or as these sources are calling it, the iPhone “Lite”—coming in multiple colors, Apple will apparently stick with its traditional white and black options.

iPhoneLiteWhite Rumor: Is this the new budget iPhone from Apple? (PICS)

This iPhone Lite is definitely thicker than current models due to cheaper components, but if the rumored $300 price tag (with no contract) is true, this may help Apple break into emerging markets like China and India, where many people can’t afford an expensive iPhone 5. As with the iPad Mini, it may end up being a waiting game to see if Apple will truly bring a cheaper version of the iPhone to the market, but if analysts are correct, that wait should end sometime this fall.

iPhone Lite Black Rumor: Is this the new budget iPhone from Apple? (PICS)

*Disclaimer: Mike Wewerka is a frequent contributor to the iPhone Life magazine.

Source: iPhone Life



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