[Rumor] HTC One X to become an LTE EVO device for Sprint

Posted on Feb 28 2012 - 4:55pm by Mike Wewerka
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AT&T and T-Mobile may not be the only U.S. carriers to get a piece of HTC’s new One X line, if new rumors are true, Sprint could be set to see a new device from HTC’s One line this summer, just in time for a new “EVO.” In the past, since the first EVO 4G debuted, it has been a success for Sprint and so far, all EVO’s have been made by HTC.

The current rumors suggests that an HTC device, codenamed “Jewel” is on the way to Sprint and should be packing LTE to help round out Sprint initial offering. The Jewel is said to be another “large” device with an HD display, much like the One X, but with the X being exclusive to AT&T, expect a few changes, either internally or cosmetically.

There’s not a whole of to go off on right now, but if this device is rumored to be the next device in the EVO line, we may see/hear something more concrete next month (March) at CTIA, where the EVO 3D was unveiled. As we get closer to the event, you can fully expect more details to ooze out, just like they did prior to the EVO 3D.

EVO LTE anyone?

Source: PocketNow.com