Rumor: Apple to release an a smaller iPad “Mini” in the third quarter this year

Posted on Apr 16 2012 - 10:03am by Mike Wewerka

Once again, the rumor that just won’t die rears it ugly head once again, the forthcoming release of an iPad Mini. Gaming website, Kotaku, covered a story from Chinese website “NetEase,” which claims Apple is preparing to head off the invasion of Windows 8 tablets with a new, smaller iPad, right now dubbed the “iPad Mini” by the blogosphere. NetEase cited sources, that say Apple will have over 6 million units ready for launch by the 3rd quarter of this year and while Window 8 devices may be the direct foe, this smaller iPad will also combat the rising threat of Amazon’s Kindle Fire and whatever tablet Google and ASUS have been working on together.

According to NetEase’s report, Apple is going to be selling these new “Mini” iPads for about $249 – $299 here in the U.S. As we’ve said before, don’t get you hopes up, this rumor has been persistent since the original iPad was announced in 2010. While the rumors and reports grow stronger, as of right now, that’s all it is….a rumor.

Source: 传苹果将发布iPad Mini 鸿海等已拿下订单 [NetEase] Via Kotaku