[Rumor] Apple holding event on September 7th?

Posted on Aug 12 2011 - 9:41am by Mike Wewerka
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We may finally have a date for the fall Apple event courtesy of Kodawarisan , via MacRumors.com, who suggest the date is September 7th which is a Wednesday. In comparison, last year’s event was on September 1st which was also on a Wednesday, as was the 2009 event. So unless this is just an educated guess, it does fall right in line with previous event.

All eyes are on this event as the time and place Apple is expected to reveal its next iPhone since they missed their WWDC event back in June, where they’ve typically revealed the iPhone since it was first shown off in 2007.

MacRumors points out that Kodawarisan hasn’t made any rumored projections lately, but the last one they did, was about the Mac Mini in 2009 when they correctly named the launched date. MacRumor stands by this source as they have reportedly used them as a source since 2002.

So as it stands right now we don’t have any concrete proof, other than this date does falls in line with previous years and Kodawarisan has been right on other dates before. So now we play the waiting game until Apple makes it official.

 Source: MacRumors