RIM to show off BlackBerry 10 at MWC and puts focus on only one device

Posted on Jan 5 2012 - 3:48pm by Mike Wewerka

Looks like we are about to witness the last ditch effort from Research in Motion. The Canadian smartphone maker [or a Rep] apparently told website, Pocket-Lint, that they plan to show off BlackBerry OS 10 (formerly BBX) at the Mobile World Congress event in February. While we will get to see the new OS for the first time, we still won’t see a device released with it until the 3rd quarter of this year.

Speaking of the device, BGR.com is reporting that RIM has scrapped plans for two of its phones that were in development, the Milan and Colt. While the Milan may or may not have been a BB10 phone, it still leaves RIM with only one BB10 device late this year. Since Mike Lazaridis told the media that they [RIM] are waiting on a specific LTE chip-set and if the rumored specs (TI OMAP dual-core 1.5GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage, as well as both a rear and front facing camera) are indeed correct and this is the only BB10 phone we’ll see this year… RIM is going to be in trouble before they even put it on sale.

We know that HTC is going to show off its quad-core Android phones at the same show and we know that other Android OEM’s like Samsung, Motorola and LG will also be using quad-core processors at some point mid this year. We also believe that Apple is going to be launching the iPad 3 with their own A6 quad-core processor (which will most likely be used in the next iPhone). This means all of RIM’s competitors will be launching quad-core devices either early this year or sometime before RIM releases their only BB10 device which will release late this year with a 1.5 “dual-core.” This has failure written all over it.

While I respect RIM for making the decision to cut their losses and put focus squarely on one device, their sights seem to be on the now and not on when it will be released. They aren’t thinking far enough into the future. I know this hardware isn’t 100% confirmed, so I hope for RIM’s sake they decide to update some hardware.

Source: Pocket-Link and BGR.com