Nokia’s Lumia 900 available for Pre-Order at Microsoft Retail Stores, only requires $25 down

Posted on Feb 2 2012 - 11:23pm by Mike Wewerka
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If you’ve been craving the Nokia Lumia 900 ever since it was announced for AT&T at CES, well sorry, we still don’t have an “official” release date for you. But, we do have some good news, it appears that you can pre-order the new Windows Phone at one of Microsoft’s own retail store for a cool $25 bucks. If rumors are true and the phone will only cost $99 on contract, you’d be a quarter of the way there. Unfortunately, we don’t know if the version Microsoft is selling is unlocked or if it’ll be sold with a contract.

Either way, when a company starts taking pre-orders, the device’s actual release shouldn’t be to far off, so we may actually see the Lumia 900 in early to mid-March as rumors have projected.

The only other problem is finding a Microsoft Retail Store near you, since there aren’t a whole lot, you may either have a long drive or simply be out of luck. We’ve decide to help you out. Below is a link that will take you to a page with a listing of all the stores. Your welcome.

Microsoft Retail Store Locations

Source: The Verge