Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 device revealed?

Posted on Aug 10 2011 - 11:09am by Mike Wewerka
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Here’s another “is it or isn’t it” for the day. This looks like what could be the first Nokia branded Windows Phone 7 device. While this may be entirely real, it may also be only a concept device to see how the software runs or as a tool to show carriers and investors and may not be what the final design will look like when it comes to retail. There are some strong reasons to believe that this is real, first the designs are obviously Nokia’s and it is also not a rendering. But there are some con’s as to why it is not a final build of any current WP7 device. The OVI store is the biggest tell, as Nokia has said that the OVI services would be known as Nokia Services, so if this is all real, than it is an old video. The other reason to believe it is an old video or concept device is the pre-mango version of Bing it is running in the video, it only has 3 buttons whereas in the Mango version, it has four.

Still nonetheless, Nokia makes great hardware, we’ll have to see if Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is enough to keep it a float. With MS losing 38% of the smartphone market since its release, Nokia better hope so.

[Source: MyNokiaBlog]