Nokia’s Elop denies rumors of buyout to Bloomberg

Posted on Jun 1 2011 - 6:05pm by Mike Wewerka

So here we are two days later for catching crap because something we posted turned out to be false and one of the sites to put us down was So pardon me if I find it very amusing that today BGR made a claim from a “tip” that Microsoft bought Nokia’s phone division for  US $19 Billion. The exact statement they said was “Microsoft Strikes Deal…” Well it looks like this “claim” is already proven false.

Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO spoke to Bloomberg today after broke the story, he told them the rumors are “Baseless” and said, and I quote, “We have a great plan for our future, and we’re focused on executing that plan,” said Elop, “The rumors are all over the place. There’s no basis for them.”

Two people who are very familiar with Microsoft and their plans have also reported the speculation as “false.” Doug Dawson, a spokesman for the Espoo, a Finland-based company, said the acquisition report was “completely baseless” in a telephone interview earlier today.

So I guess we can put a fork in this story, for now.

As for BGR, and Jonathan Gellar, who I had a nice “spat” with on their site earlier today…will they do the same as we did? He calls us a joke, okay, you’re entitled to your opinion Jon, but at least when people thought we were wrong we did everything to prove ourselves wrong and when we did, we admitted it to our read-base, however big. Will you do the right thing and step up and admit you were wrong or will you continue to hide behing your stack of millions and pretend to run a site you used to care about?

You can read more about being wrong here.