Nokia releases Data Connectivity issue fix three days early

Posted on Apr 14 2012 - 1:17am by Mike Wewerka

If you’re an owner of a Lumia 900 and have been experiecing the data connectivity issues that have been reported since the device went on sale last Sunday, you’re in luck. Nokia has just released an update, OTA, that fixes the issue, the best part is, it’s three days earlier than they projected.

There’s more good news, if you’d rather go to a store for an exchange, Nokia will honor them until the 21st of April and if you haven’t picked up a Lumia 900 yet, but are planning on it, do it before the 21st and you will still receive the $100 credit (which will be reflected on your billing statement).

The update can be downloaded via the Zune software if you’re using a PC and Windows Phone 7 Connector if you’re on a Mac. Anyway you look at it, you have to hand it to Nokia, they are doing everything they can to make Lumia 900 owners happy, it’s refreshing to see a company bend over backwards for their customers for once.

Source: WP Life