Nokia Reimbursing Nokia Lumia 900 Owners $100 because of Data Mishap

Posted on Apr 11 2012 - 6:09pm by Doug Puccetti

Earlier in the week we wrote about the Nokia Lumia 900 having data connectivity issues (which you can read about here). These issues mainly included a loss of data connection after the device was rebooted or turned from airplane mode back to ‘phone mode’. Nokia has acknowledged the issue and is pushing an update on or around April 16. The update will be made available via the Zune software. If you have this issue you will be able to return the device to an AT&T store and receive a new one, free of charge.

Here’s the great news, anyone who purchased the Nokia Lumia 900 or plans on purchasing it, presumably from AT&T, before April 21 will receive a $100 credit on their AT&T account. This is just another sign of great customer service coming from Nokia and Windows Phone companies, noticing something was a mistake on their end and making up for it rather quickly.

So if you’re planing on getting the Nokia Lumia 900, make sure you do so before April 21. If you already have the device, don’t worry, you’ll get the update soon and will have your account credited shortly.

Do you have the Nokia Lumia 900? If not, are you thinking about buying one?

Source WPCentral