Nokia announces budget friendly 4-inch Lumia 510

Posted on Oct 23 2012 - 11:57am by Mike Wewerka

Nokia, despite losing billions last quarter, is dead set on making their Lumia line a success or they’ll go bust trying. In an effort to capitalize on the budget phone market, the Finnish company has created the Lumia 510, a Windows Phone 7.5 device that features a bright 4-inch display and Snapdragon S1 processor. While it surely won’t win any awards for power and performance, the design is stylish and the price is cheap and combined with Windows Phone, which already a smooth OS, that’s a pretty decent package for $199, straight up, with no contract.

“With the Nokia Lumia 510 we continue to meet our commitment to bring Windows Phone to new, lower price points,” said Jo Harlow, executive vice president of Nokia Smart Devices. “People who use Windows Phone quickly realize how much more intuitive it is than other smartphone platforms, and Nokia Lumia is the best embodiment of the Windows Phone experience. With the Nokia Lumia 510 we’re looking forward to welcoming more people into the Windows Phone experience.”

While it’s almost certain that the Lumia 510 won’t make an appearance here in the U.S., as we have the budget 820, we do have readers all over the world, so this may appeal to many of them, and if not for themselves, perhaps their children, as it would make a great starter or entry level phone. With Nokia’s Lumia line getting some great extras that aren’t available on other Windows Phone devices, like Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport and special camera extras, it’s a great deal that may help Nokia get a foot hold in some of the smaller territories where the 510 will launch, like China and India (where the device will launch first), then other countries in the South/Asia Pacific and South America.

The Lumia 510 will be available starting in November in Cyan, Yellow, Red, Black and White for about $200. Check out the device’s official specs below:

Nokia Lumia 510
Operating System Windows Phone 7.5
Display 4-inch WVGA 800×480
Capacitive Touch Screen
Battery 1300 mAh
Processor Snapdragon(TM) S1
Main camera 5MP Autofocus
Memory 256MB RAM
4GB mass memory (no memory card slot)
7GB free SkyDrive storage