Nokia 703 the first Windows Phone 7 device spotted on a slide?

Posted on Aug 31 2011 - 9:20am by Mike Wewerka
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As you can see in the blurry image above, this could be the first Nokia branded Windows Phone device, dubbed the 703. The phone definitely has an N9 (Meego) look to the exterior, but you can clearly see the Windows Phone buttons on the face. The screen also doesn’t look to protrude as much as the N9.

While the exterior is nice, although the Apple iPod Nano look is dated, the interior if true, is a little underwhelming. The slide lists the device’s display as a 3.7″ Clear Black AMOLED WVGA. A 5-megapixel camera and only 8GB of internal storage. With specs like these, this device would have a very hard time keeping up with other WP7 devices here in the U.S., so it might be a good idea if it were to be delayed. But, if they do keep it till  2012, it better come bursting at the seams with specs if they expect to challenge Android devices like the rumored 720p HD diplay on the Nexus 3 or the always stunning iPhone.

While all of this should be considered a rumor, these images do look very authentic, but either way, we are putting the “Rumor Stamp” on this one for now.
Source: WMPU